Outpost Camp Menu Selection

Example Format: June 1-5, 2017
Select Your Menu
Food items below will be provided dependent on your length of stay. Please check items that you want in your food package.

Cooking and eating utensils are provided, also staples such as salt, pepper, flour, sugar, ketchup, mustard, cooking oil, toilet paper, paper towels, matches, garbage bags, etc. All bedding, linens, and towels will be furnished. 

Additional Beverages
Please list the quantity (in cans/bottles qty.) of what you would like us to have available for you upon your arrival in camp. Please be aware: Credit will not be given for unused beverages, please place order according. Bottled Water & soda ($2 per can/bottle) Beer ($4 per can/bottle) Liquor, and special orders are not included in the food package.
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