When to fish for big Walleye?

Walleye fishing at Silsby and the outpost lakes is great during the spring, summer and fall.  These lakes are different than many good Walleye lakes in that the depth does not exceed 60 ft.  All three lakes produce good Walleye fishing in 3-30 ft. of water throughout the season.  Below we give you a basic description of what to expect during both times. Whether you choose the spring or the summer we are sure our trophy pike will create exciting memories.

Jake Kruse with nice Walleye from Silsby Lake

June Fishing

Ice-out varies from May 15th to June1st with the average being May 20th. Due to cold fronts that come in and out of the area, temperatures can range from 35 - 80 degrees, so bring layers of clothing.  On all three lakes, Walleye are in 3-6 ft. of water and at the mouths of the many rivers and creeks. Bring 1/4 - 3/8 oz. jigs in white and yellow for all the walleyes you desire.  On High Hill and Cuddle Lake there are multiple sets of rapids for the fishermen who like the adventure of fishing the pools that these flowing rivers produce.

July, August and September fishing

This time of year the weather is more stable. Fishing becomes more consistent with temperatures averaging 50 - 80 degrees. There are fewer cold fronts thus fish are less affected by the weather. This far North, the water stays cool so there are no mythical "dog days" in July and August.  Walleye are 10-30 feet deep and in the weeds, around reefs or points and caught easily with jigs and twister tails along with crank baits. They will also attack your traditional pike baits.  The biggest Walleye of the season came out of High Hill Lake in 2011.  Silsby produced a lot of Walleye in the 25-27 inch range and Cuddle was a steady 22-25 inch range in June.