Moose Hunting

The 2016 Moose hunting season ended with a bang!  Hunters during the first season battled warm weather and rain.  However, the 2nd day of the second season...the wind switched, temps cooled, and there were Moose everywhere!  5 bulls were killed within a few days.  We will continue to monitor weather patterns to improve our hunters' opportunities.

Steve Scheel (below) took this 55 inch bull from Pritchard Lake during a 1st season hunt.  The bull green scored 199 pts. B&C gross.  It should receive a B&C award after the drying period.  The bull was very old with huge palmated brows. 

 Steve Scheel with giant bull from Pritchard Lake

 "Sam, Once again I can’t say enough thanks to you and your team it is always good to be up there and spend some time doing what we love!   I keep thinking about the monster that George missed I might have to come back and find him next year!   As always thanks again for everything!"  Regards,  Keith Johnson

 Keith Johnson 2015 Moose


Shaun Miller (below) took this giant bull from Cuddle Lake during the 1st hunt in 2013.  This hunt was a wild adventure spanning two days chasing the same bull.  It took five back breaking trips to pack this 1,500 lb. animal out of the woods.  All well worth it!!

Shaun Miller with giant bull from Cuddle Lake  

Shane Madsen (below) with nice bull from Silsby Lake during the 1st hunt of 2013.  The guide called this bull into 40 yd. range after an hour of heart pounding action.  The bull was grunting, thrashing bushes and charging through the trees the whole time before finally confronting what he thought was another bull.

Shane Madsen with Silsby Lake bull Moose 


2017 Moose Hunt  - Sold Out



2018 Moose Hunt
7 day hunt - $7,500/person (2x1), $9,500/person (1x1)
Includes - Everything in American Plan package PLUS - Hunting license, Moose tag, Wolf tag, guide, field dressing and meat for take home.  Black Bear can be included in the hunt for the cost of the tag. Dates - Sept. 22-29, Sept. 29-October 6, 2018