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COVID-19 UPDATE - Currently the Canada border is closed to all Non Essential traffic until at least July 21st.  Canada has now announced that the 14 day Quarantine requirement will be extended until at least August 31st.  This requirement effectively ends the 2020 season.  All 2020 guests have been moved to 2021 dates.  The remaining openings for 2021 are up to date as of July 8th, 2020 and listed on our 2021 Schedule & Rates Page.  Check out our limited openings in 2021 and book today!




Spring is here!  Catch these limited openings before they're gone!

Silsby Lake Lodge

May 23-28 - 5 day trip - Ice out Special!  20% Discount!
May 28-1 - Cancellation!  2 spots left!
June 1-5 - Cancellation!  4-8 people
June 10-14 - 1 cabin left! 4-8 people
June 14-18 - 1 cabin left! 4-6 people
June 23-28 - 1 cabin left! 4-6 people
June 28-2 - 1 cabin left!  2 people
July 6-11 - 5 day trip
July 11-16 - 5 day trip

High Hill Lake Outpost

June 14-18 - 4 day trip
June 18-23 - 5 day trip
June 28-2 - 4 day trip
July 2-6 - 4 day trip - Sold Out

Cuddle Lake Outpost

June 28-2 - 4 day trip
July 2-6 - 4 day trip
July 6-11 - 5 day trip



Happy New Year!

Thinking about a fishing trip in 2017?  Here are some dates to consider...

Silsby Lake Lodge

May 23-28 - 5 day trip
June 10-14 - 4 day trip
June 14-18 - 4 day trip
June 23-28 - 5 day trip

High Hill Lake Outpost

June 14-18 - 4 day trip
June 18-23 - 5 day trip
June 28-2 - 4 day trip
July 2-6 - 4 day trip

Cuddle Lake Outpost

June 28-2 - 4 day trip
July 2-6 - 4 day trip
July 6-11 - 5 day trip

Find a date you like?  Call 1-800-521-1347!




Happy Thanksgiving! 

We have a new mobile website for Silsby Lake Lodge being developed that will be live in a month!  Thinking about a fishing trip in 2017?  Check out these dates - - and call today on Limited Openings!   1-800-521-1347.



Spring will be here soon, and it looks like it will be an early ice out this year!  Time to start thinking about fishing for Giant Pike and Walleye!  Below is a list of available dates to consider in 2016...

Silsby Lake Lodge
May 24-29 - Ice Out Special!
May 29-2 - 2 cabins left!
June 2-6 - Cancellation Opening!
June 6-11 - 1 cabin left!
June 11-15 - 1 cabin left!
June 15-19 - Cancellation Opening!
June 19-24 - 5 day trip
June 24-29 - 5 day trip
July 3-7 - 4th of July Special - 20% Discount!

High Hill Lake Outpost
June 29-3 - Cancellation Opening!
July 3-7 - Cancellation Opening!

Cuddle Lake Outpost
May 24-29 - Ice Out Special!
May 29-2 - 4 day trip





After a record late ice out, the 2014 season was a great success.  Hundreds of trophy Northern were caught and released and the Walleye fishing was the best we have seen in four years.  There are some exciting new changes coming to Silsby and the outpost camps in 2015...High Hill Outpost will be getting new boats and motors, Cuddle had a major renovation done to the cabins this past fall, and Silsby will see even more improvements for next year.


Silsby Lake Trophy Northern"Sam, I've been traveling to several fly in fishing lodges throughout Manitoba over the past 10 years. This 43" Northern Pike is my first Master Angler Pike. Many lodges boast of their trophy N. Pike but Silsby Lake Lodge actually delivered.  Thanks”  Jeff Bertsch





Silsby Northern Pike“My dad (James Jensen, right, with 43” trophy), brother, and son had a great time, even with the rough weather conditions. Our guides, John and Mathew worked hard, were very respectful, and professional.  The meals were great and the service was wonderful from the kitchen – good folks.”  Jeff Jensen





John Willin with Silsby Trophy“First trip back to Silsby since you took over. Many improvements, not the least was the airstrip that cuts down the travel time. Our guide was excellent, as evidenced by my catching two trophies. The overall experience at Silsby was excellent. Looking forward to our return trip.” 
John Willin




Silsby Lake Master Angler“It doesn't get any better than this. Great guides, great cooks, and a lot of fun fishing. I caught 2 masters and our group caught 13 masters together. We will be back for some more fun. Thanks Sam and thank all of your employees.”  Tom Voss






47 1/2 inch Northern from High Hill Lake“Hi Sam, another great year of fishing with the Fetts. The afternoon I caught this beautiful 47 ½” pike, we found ourselves without any measuring device! Knowing we had a large trophy, we implemented the use of the boat casting platform to mark the length and later get an accurate measurement with a tape. This was my 5th trip with our group to your outpost camps. Great food, great fishing and best of all great service! Look forward to seeing you again next year.”  Rusty Beishline


Silsby Lake Lodge Trophy Walleye“Hi Sam...My Dad, nephew, daughter and I flew into Silsby Lake in July and fished at High Hill.  My daughter Brooke, age 11, can not quit talking about her experience and the trip was one that we will all cherish forever.
The one picture of Brooke (left) was a walleye she caught while trolling with a five of diamonds. Although we did not get a true measurement of the fish (spent too much time taking pictures), I am guessing it was close to 30". The funny part was she released one about 2-3 inches shorter than that one about ten minutes earlier. I have never been happier to be outfished by a an 11 year old girl!  I feel you went out of your way to make our trip a very pleasurable experience. The boats, cabin, and employees were all top notch.
Thanks again and we look forward to our next trip.”   Brian and Fred Hartley


Cuddle Lake Trophy Pike“Hey Sam, I just wanted to write a note saying how much we enjoyed our annual fishing trip this year. As you know we have been doing this for years. I can say for all of us that we have never seen fishing like we experienced at Cuddle Lake. My son and I knew it was going to be good when our first cast we both caught 25” inch Northerns. Our group of 8 caught between 1,800 and 2,000 fish over the 5 day period. We caught about 20 over 30”. Although the Big ones alluded us we did catch a 40 and 38 inch. The Walleye were plentiful too and we had walleye for dinner and even made up some fried walleye wrapped in bacon appetizers. We look forward to a future trip to Cuddle.”  Keith Beaucamp


Cuddle Lake Master Angler“My father-in-law talked me and my 2 brother-in-laws into a 4 day fishing trip in late August at the outpost camp on Cuddle Lake. After reading some of the prior testimonials on Pritchard and Cuddle, I had my reservations that this trip was going to live up to my expectations, but it actually exceeded them.  We fished Cuddle 3 days and fished Pritchard 1 day. We caught hundreds of fish. Both lakes produced Walleyes between 21 – 26 inches and many different lengths of Northern. The largest Northern of 42 inches was caught by myself. The weather was great, the fishing was fantastic and the enjoyment of making unforgettable memories with my family was priceless. The staff at Silsby could not have been more friendly and accommodating. Thank you, Sam, and your staff for a great vacation.”  Tony Oster




Slowly, but surely, Northern Manitoba is warming up and the snow & ice are melting.  Don't miss out on a "Trip of a Lifetime" in 2014!  Below are the available dates for 2014.  The phones have been ringing steady with new bookings lately, so contact us today to get the most recent updated schedule.  1-800-521-1347

Pritchard Lake Outpost
2014 Available Dates
June 18-22 - 4 day trip - Cancellation!
August 11-16 - 5 day trip
August 20-24 - 4 day trip
August 24-29 - 5 day trip
September 3-11 8 day trip**

** Can be split into 4 day trips
Call today and reserve your date!


High Hill Lake Outpost
2014 Available Dates
July 15-20 - 5 day trip
July 20-24 - 4 day trip
August 7-11 - 4 day trip
August 11-16 - 5 day trip
August 16-24 - 8 day trip**

** Can be split into 4 day trips
Call Today! 1-800-521-1347


Cuddle Lake Outpost
2014 Available Dates
Sold Out

Silsby Lake Lodge
2014 Available Dates
July 10-15 - 5 day trip - 1 cabin left!
July 20-24 - 4 day trip - 1 cabin left!
August 2-7 - 5 day trip - 2 cabins left!

Fall Frenzy Available Dates
August 24-29 - 5 day trip - Cancellation!
August 29-3 - 5 day trip
September 3-11 - 8 day trip**

** These dates can be split into two 4 day trips
Call today to reserve your date!!


12 21 13

Happy Holidays from everyone at Silsby Lake Lodge!!


Nick Childress with trophy Northern from Silsby Lakae in AugustAmazing photos and great testimonials are still flowing in from the 2013 season at Silsby Lake Lodge and outpost camps.  Nick Childress holds his monster Master Angler Northern Pike from Silsby Lake during the 2nd week of August.

"Thanks again, that trip was incredible.  I'm already aching to get back!"  Nick Childress






Bob Mayfield with giant 45 inch Pike from Pritchard LakeBob Mayfield with one of his two GIANT Pike from Pritchard Lake in late August of 2013.  Pritchard Lake, our newest outpost camp, had never been sport fished before we tried a couple exploratory trips to it in 2012.  Fishermen were able to explore virgin waters in 2013 and did extremely well.  The canvas wall tent camp is not exactly "roughin' it", with plywood floor, generator, electric fridge/freezer, oven/range, kitchen countertop/cabinets, etc.  A lot of amenities, great fishing and all at a great rate - trips start at $1,500/person!!  We still have available dates at this amazing new outpost camp lake in 2013 - CALL TODAY!! 1-800-521-1347.



Steve Scheel with trophy bull MooseOur 2013 Moose hunting season was our best to date!  Our hunters went 8 for 12, overall.  The four hunters who did not tag a bull, had opportunities at nice bulls, but decided to pass. Steve Scheel tagged this bull during the first hunt at Pritchard Lake.  This bull should receive a B&C Award after the drying period.  It gross scored 199 B&C pts.! 






8 18 13


It has been a crazy year for weather in the Silsby area.  Following a record late ice out, all of our lakes are at record low water levels due to the drought this summer.  Despite this the fishing has been good and our guests are raving about the newly completed airstrip and direct flights from Winnipeg with our 40 passenger turbo prop jets.





Peter Ramme with mid August trophy"Hi Sam,   Your new camp was very welcoming and comfortable for our family. The entire experience was an adventure , from the fishing, to the bald eagles, to the moose!! The food including shore lunch was fabulous, the staff was awesome, the camaraderie was engaging, and we were so pleased with how the young boys were treated. An amazing trip! Thanks"  Peter and Lynn










Looking for a "good read"?  Check out this tantalizing blog written by an author who just visited Silsby Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps...


7 28 13

Direct flights to Silsby!!Sorry folks, I have been updating our Facebook and Twitter pages more often than our website.  We have experienced incredible fishing on our lakes this season, the strangest weather patterns I have ever seen in the north and set some milestones at Silsby including the now fully operational runway and a new outpost on Pritchard Lake.  We only have a couple of late season openings in 2013 and 2014 is already starting to fill up.  Let's chat about fishing!!!!  1-800-521-1347.


48 1/2 inch Northern Pike on High Hill LakeThis massive Pike was caught by Dru Fisher on High Hill Lake - 48 1/2 inches!!  All four of our lakes have been producing some monster fish in 2013. 













4 22 13 

After three months of hauling gravel over ice roads at Silsby...Spring is finally here!!  We have the following cancellation openings and available dates at Silsby Lake Lodge and High Hill Lake, Cuddle Lake & Pritchard Lake Outpost Camps...

JULY 13-18 - 1 cabin left!
JULY 18-22 - 1 cabin left !
JULY 22-27 - 2 cabins left!
AUGUST 14-19 - CANCELLATION - 1 cabin left!
SEPTEMBER 2-7 - 1 cabin left!
SEPTEMBER 7-11 - 1 cabin left!

MAY 28-JUNE 2 - Sold Out
JULY 8-13
AUGUST 19-23


JULY 13-18
JULY 18-22
JULY 27-1 - Sold Out



10 13 12


Jim Lockrem of the Mickelson group with 44 inch Pike at Cuddle Lake“This was our first trip to Cuddle Lake Outpost Camp. Our three generation fishing group (ages 29-81) caught more large northern and walleye than we ever had before on any past fishing trips. We caught six trophy Pike for the trip and 35-40 Walleye every day!”  Ross Mickelson






The Hemminger group with one of their 9 Master Anglers at Cuddle Lake“Sam, Attached is a photo of 1 of 9 Master Anglers and 1 of 2,705 Pike and Walleye caught at Cuddle Lake.  What an unbelievable week of fishing and weather!”
The Hemminger Group







Warren Peterson with 44 inch Northern from Whitley LakeWarren Peterson with 44 inch trophy and the rest of the group had amazing fishing on Whitley Lake.  “We caught 40 Pike between 37-45 inches in a couple of hours in one bay on Whitley Lake.”








Phil Rayburg with Master Angler from High Hill Lake“Hello Sam,
Yes, the trip home was smooth but bittersweet. Tough to leave such a beautiful, peaceful setting. And the fishing was first class, the guys had a blast! We caught 14 Master Anglers on High Hill. Cabins and motors were in great shape.  Thanks again for a memorable trip and for providing everything that we asked for.”   Phil Rayburg





E. Dennis and Sue Zahrbock with a trophy from Silsby Lake“I think all of your customers and potential customers should know that coming fishing in late August and early September is spectacular. Our group of four caught over 200 fish in the four days and all four of us caught Master Angler Fish. From the first fish I caught (41” MA) on the first day to three hours later when Sue caught a 43” to three days later when Phil caught a 44” to four hours later when Christie caught a 42”, we all had a great time.  Just like last year Sue’s comments were “Love the clean bathroom and nice cabin. Food was great, seeing the otters, bear and moose was better than the fishing…love that wife and her priorities...but I was impressed with her 43” hog.”  E. Dennis Zahrbock


Paul Chadwick with 44 inch Master Angler Northern“Sam, we had an incredible 2012, our group of six caught 17 trophies. I caught a little over 300 fish myself. The groups largest fish was caught by John Cook at 45 inches, my largest was 44 inches. We have already signed up for next year.”  Paul Chadwick






Teegee Fasold with one of his trophies from Silsby Lake“Sam, I want to thank you and your staff for a great fishing trip. The shore lunch's were great and the fishing was even better. We caught two master anglers and alot of 36" to 40" northern pike .....we figured we caught around 350-400 pike for the week... this was one of the best fishing trips we ever had and can't wait to come back to do it again....thanks again”  Teege Fasold & Ted Mertz





Seven year old Cody Morris with trophy Pike from Silsby Lake“Hi Sam and Stacey - We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful few days at your fishing camp. My kids LOVED it and can't wait to come back. Your staff did such a great job with all of the kids -- as witnessed by the attached picture of Cody and the huge smile on his face. Thanks again.”  Renee Morris













Derek Jacobsen with Master Angler Northern from Silsby“On behalf of our group, I wanted you to know that our time @ Silsby was extraordinary...the fishing action was awesome again for us this year, with several monster and master pike caught & released.  Again this year, your guides were great, experienced & fun to fish with. When it came to the shore lunch experience...let's just say it was a 4.0 & all part of the special & lasting memories from the trip.  You deserve an "ATTABOY" for your vision, passion & hard work creating ultimate fishing trip experiences.  Thanks again.” Dick Mrocek & family



Kevin Bowar with trophy Northern from Silsby Lake"The great guide, the terrific food, and the incredible fishing made for a trip we will never forget. We caught master anglers every day, and even caught a couple one night after dinner. On our last day fishing  partner Joe caught a 43" fish on his second to last cast. After all the excitement I decided to throw one more myself, and with my last cast caught a 44" fish! We caught 8 masters in 3 days, plus all the fish in the 30-40" range we got. I have been fishing in Canada for over 25 years in a row, but have never been to a lake like Silsby. What an incredible fishery, we will definitely be back - all the best” Kevin Bowar


8 23 12 

Hawg Time!  A 48"Pike was caught recently and yesterday Ria Plaizier of the Netherlands landed the biggest Pike of the season. 50 INCHES!!  An enourmous head coupled with a good girth will put this incredible fish over the 40 lb mark.  Ria with husband Ed Aremia. 






50 inch Northern PikeWe are just starting the period of the season when we catch the largest Pike of the year.  The next couple of weeks should be very exciting!  Ria with her expert guide.  Extreme care was taken while handling this rare fish.  A video was taken of the fish swimming away, so it can devour the hook of the next lucky fisherman, or fisherwoman:) 













7 6 12

Hello Folks...I am trying to catch up with all the photos, testimonials and updates.  There are a lot more to post in the coming days.  High Hill and Cuddle Lake Outpost Camps are way ahead in the Master Angler Northerns in 2012.  We have had an incredible amount of interest in 2013 trips - All three camps are filling fast.  Call soon if you want to reserve a 2013 date!


Ross Mickelson with big Walleye from Cuddle Lake"This was our first trip with Silsby Lake Lodge and first time fishing on Cuddle Lake.  Our three generation fishing trip (ages 29-81) and we caught more large northern and walleyes than we ever had before on any past fishing trips.  Everybody enjoyed themselves and we plan on going back!"  Ross Mickelson 





Joe Dickerson Jr. with a monster WalleyeJoe Dickerson and family made their annual fishing trip to Silsby and the Outpost Camps and caught a pile of trophies at Silsby.  Jim Dickerson, right, with one of his Master Anglers.  Joe Dickerson Jr., below right, with a bruiser of a Walleye from Silsby Lake.






  Mark Maruska with 44 inch Master Angler Northern"Sam, Attached you will find pics of the first master northern caught in 2012.  44" caught on a yellow jig head on a walleye rig.  No leader.  Also pic of "Record Sucker"!!!!!!!(22"), and a nice walleye.  We had a great time and can't wait to return."  Mark Maruska






Mark Maruska with big Silsby Lake Walleye 









6 19 12

 The 2012 season is underway and Man-Oh Man...what a beginning. The fish so far this season can only be described as "Healthy"!  All the trophy Pike have had massive girths and the plentiful Walleye (averaging over 22 inches) have looked like "Footballs"!  Brandon Scheel was one of the first guests into Silsby this spring and caught this monster.  Guests at Silsby Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps are 50% ahead of last year's pace for number of trophy Northern Pike.

A lot more photos and updates to come...



3/5 12

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Thompson family after hearing of the loss of Mickey Thompson.  Kip and Mickey Thompson founded Silsby Lake Lodge and owned it for 20 years.  Their legacey of conservation continues today.



Troy Spies with a monster from High Hill Lake in August


Troy Spies with massive 45 inch trophy from High Hill Lake at the end of August.   His family took an adventure down the river to Whitley Lake where his father caught this 44 inch Northern (below-right).




Robert Spies wtih 44 inch Northern from Whitley Lake"Hello Sam,

Here are some pictures of a very exciting wilderness excursion.  Absolutely loved the remote adventure.  Great weather, northern lights, bar, boats, food and plane rides.  It just doesn't get any better.

We were with the Jim  McAfee group, which included two of my sons.

We will be back!"


Robert T. Spies











Jim Cheunes at Cuddle Lake 2011Happy Holidays from the Fett Family!


Jim Cheunes with his Cuddle Lake Master!

Silsby Lake dominated Travel Manitoba's 2011 record book for Master Angler Northern Pike.  No other lake was even close!  In fact, the nearest lake had 100 fewer Master Anglers.

Silsby, High Hill and Cuddle lakes produced over 400 Master Angler Northern in 2011 making us the top destination for trophy Pike in all of Manitoba. 

This number is sure to go higher in 2012 as we have added Pritchard Lake (a short walk to the west of Cuddle) and will be exploring other lakes, as well.  Whitley Lake (down river from High Hill) looks to have great habitat and already produced a 44 inch Northern with only a couple of boats on it in 2011.  We also have two other lakes (Diana and Three Sisters) that look to have great potential in the future. 

Call our toll free number - 1-800-521-1347 - to discuss these new fishing opportunities!

Hope to see you in 2012!




Our January 2012 brochure is due to be sent out in the first few days of the image below to see the digital version.









High Hill River flows NE to the Hudson BayWe took an exploratory trip to Whitley Lake this fall from High Hill.  It was quite an adventure in beautiful country.  The High Hill River flows very rapidly as it traverses it's way through the bush to Whitley Lake.  It is a narrow river (30 ft. at the widest) with a channel down the center and crystal clear water.







The rapids is located just sout of Whitley LakeYou can see the river bed all the way across the river and well in front of the boat making for great viewing as you are motoring down the river.  There is a set of white water rapids that is navigable making for a great adventure. 







The Butler/Balken group at SilsbyGuest photos are still rolling in and available openings in 2012 are filling fast.  The Butler/Balken family group caught a pile of trophy Northern at Silsby in the third week of July.  Mason Thimjon topped all with a massive 45 inch Pike.

"Our first annual trip to Silsby Lake Lodge was a smashing success!  Our family fishing trip is "the trip" that we continue to talk about year round in our family.  It was created by a mutual love of the outdoors, the thrill of the catch and most importantly, quality family time together.  Silsby Lake Lodge proved to be all of that and SO much more for our family trip this year.  Our guides were amazing.  Their profound love of their jobs were evident in the superior knowledge and dedication they showed in providing us with an awesome fishing experience.   I don't know who was more excited when Mason (11) caught his 45 inch pike this year.  Grandpa, Mason or our guide, Lennart!  These memories will stay with us forever....Thank you Sam and Stacey and your wonderful staff for a wonderful 2011 trip.  The countdown is on until we see you all again!"
Heather Butler and family

Heather Butler with one of her Master Angler Northern from Silsby in mid JulyHeather Butler (right) with one of her Master Angler Pike caught during their trip in July.   








Matthew Balken with trophy Pike from SilsbyMatthew Balken (right) with a trophy from Silsby Lake.  Matthew also took the trophy for champion fishermen during their family competition at Silsby. 








Dan Butler (right) with one of his multiple trophies caugDan Butler with one of his Master Angler's from Silsbyht on Silsby.  









Peyton Thimjon with one of her two Master Angler Northerns in JulyPeyton Thimjon (right) with one of her two Master Angler Pike while on their family trip to Silsby in the third week in July. 









Well, the season at Silsby has officially ended and Man-Oh-Man...what a season!  The fishing was off the charts with 400 Master Angler Pike caught by our guests at Silsby, High Hill and Cuddle.  This will dominate the Manitoba Master Angler record book due out in January of 2012.  I just returned after closing the camp.  I still have operators at Silsby working on the airstrip and they will continue to work as long as the weather will allow.  Here are some photos from our two weeks of Moose hunting and late season fishing.



Laddie Lucke (right) with 49 inch "Hawg" from High Hill Lake in the last week of August. 


The first week and and a half of the Moose season we were 50 degrees above normal temperatures for late September.  Besides the 70 degree temps the wind blew almost everyday.  The two combined made for tough hunting conditions.  Our hunters still managed to bag four bulls...two from Silsby Lake and two from Cuddle Lake. 

Another big bull at Cuddle escaped due to a muzzle loader misfire.  This lucky bull charged the boat after being called out of the bush.  A charging 1500 lb. bull Moose will sure get your blood pumping.





Jim Bosier with his bull Moose from SilsbyJim Bosier (right) with his bull shot on Silsby Lake.  Calm mornings and evenings are spent calling for bulls, while the rest of the day is spent fishing for giant Pike and Walleye.  This makes for great combo trip - fishing and hunting in the same can you beat it?






Gary Miller with 45 inch bull from Silsby Lake

Gary Miller's (right) bull was called out to shore at close range.  After killing his bull they could hear other bulls grunting and thrashing the bush not far away.  The size of these 1500 lb. animals is amazing to see.  The meat and antlers from Gary's bull completely filled one of our new 18 ft. boats.



Gary Miller's 1500 lb. bull completely filled up our 18 ft. boat










Larry Leitner with 49 1/2 inch Northern Pike from Silsby Lake9/12/11 - I just returned home for a short break before our first Moose hunters arrive on Sept. 18th.  Late August and early September continued to produce monster trophy Pike.  Below is Larry Leitner with his 49 1/2 inch trophy from Silsby on the last day of August.  A couple of other 48 inch monsters were caught, as well, in the following week.  This is a great time of year to fish with zero mosquitos or black flies and mild temperatures during the days.



Greg Butler's 48 inch Northern coming the boat

Greg Butler's (right) 48 inch Northern coming to the boat in the last few days of August.  August fishing has been on fire for monster Northern Pike.  Our August guests have landed the biggest fish of the season with September ahead of us.  Laddie Lucke landed a 49 inch trophy Northern Pike from High Hill Lake, and just yesterday, Larry Leitner landed a 49 1/2 inch monster on Silsby.   


Greg Butler with his 48 inch Northern caught on the last day of August

I am still waiting for a number of photos, but here are a few to get your blood pumping.     G  

Greg Butler (right) with 48 inch monster caught on Silsby Lake in the last few days in August.






Mark Nyquist with 46 inch Master Angler


Mark Nyquist (right) with 46 inch Northern during the third week in August.






Ben Jabobsen with 47 inch monster PikeBen Jacobsen (right) with 47 inch trophy from Silsby Lake in early August.









Dennis Zahrbock with 46 inch trophy Northern Pike

E. Dennis Zahrbock (right) with 46 inch Northern on Silsby Lake during the third week in August.














Our D6C Cat stomping 60 ft. trees - dangerous work!Besides some mechanical breakdowns the airstrip renovation is coming along, well.  We have now cleared all of the trees along the north & south sides of the airstrip and both the east & west ends to lengthen the runway to the final length of 4000 ft.  We will continue to work on the airstrip until freeze up and then continue into the winter months after the lakes are frozen over. 



 Here are  couple of pics of the operators at work...


Our 52,000 lb. Komatsu excavator makes short work of sidecasting clay ontot he airstrip