High Hill Lake Outpost Camp

High Hill Lake is a very special place to the fishermen who visit this lake every year.  It is one of the highest per capita trophy Northern Pike lakes in Manitoba.  The same catch-n-release policy that we deploy on Silsby Lake also pertains to High Hill.  In addition to the world class pike fishing, High Hill produces excellent Walleye fishing for both quantity and quality. 

"Hi Sam:  I just wanted to let you know our group had a terrific time! You run a top notch operation from the cabin, food and amenities to the service and, of course, the fishing was excellent! We had fish on our lines 50% of the time and caught 100-200 fish a piece each day.  Hopefully we can get a group together and fish with you next year. I know everybody wants to come back.  Have a great summer."  Tim Holtan.  Nick Holtan (below) with trophy Pike from High Hill Lake in 2018.

Nick Holtan with trophy Northern from High Hill Lake 2018


“Hi Sam, another great year of fishing with the Fetts. The afternoon I caught this beautiful 47 ½” pike, we found ourselves without any measuring device! Knowing we had a large trophy, we implemented the use of the boat casting platform to mark the length and later get an accurate measurement with a tape. This was my 5th trip with our group to your outpost camps. Great food, great fishing and best of all great service! Look forward to seeing you again next year.”  Rusty Beishline

High Hill Lake


“Hi Sam...My Dad, nephew, daughter and I flew into Silsby Lake in July and fished at High Hill.  My daughter Brooke, age 11, can not quit talking about her experience and the trip was one that we will all cherish forever.  The one picture of Brooke (right) was a walleye she caught while trolling with a five of diamonds. Although we did not get a true measurement of the fish (spent too much time taking pictures), I am guessing it was close to 30". The funny part was she released one about 2-3 inches shorter than that one about ten minutes earlier. I have never been happier to be outfished by a an 11 year old girl!  I feel you went out of your way to make our trip a very pleasurable experience. The boats, cabin, and employees were all top notch.   Thanks again and we look forward to our next trip.”   Brian and Fred Hartley

 High Hill Lake

Crestliner 18’ Kodiak boats now at High Hill Lake.  These boats are a huge hit with the guests! All boats will have Yamaha 25 hp four stroke outboards with electric start.  The boats feature fish finders, marine radio, livewell, bilge pump, cushioned swivel pedestal seats, multiple storage compartments, flat floors with marine grade rubber carpeting and a huge casting platform.  The old boats from High Hill will be taken to Whitley Lake and tied up at the other end of a portage trail from High Hill Lake.  For the adventuresome, there will also be canoes at the mouth of the High Hill River to float/paddle your way to Whitley and beyond.  This new boat/motor setup will be one of the nicest you will see at any outpost camp in Canada.

Crestliner 18' Kodiak boats and 25 hp four stroke Yamaha outboards

This picturesque 14 mile long lake is unique in it's contour and oval in shape.  In the spring, "Barlow Bay" and the famous "Omaha Bay" to the west and the renowned "Bay of Pigs" to the east provide incredible trophy pike fishing in the shallows.  In the months of July, August and September, High Hill forms large cabbage weed beds that hold fat trophy pike.  The more adventurous person also has the opportunity to travel seven miles down river to Whitley Lake, which is eight miles in length with great shape, structure and surprises off it's own.  Caribou, Moose, Bear and Eagles (both Bald and Golden) are common sightings during this adventure.

  The Silsby Lake River flows into High Hill Lake where the pretty 5-acre modern outpost is located. Two beautiful long beaches are outside your front door. We have three cabins that hold 4, 4 and 2 guests each. Both large cabins have modern amenities including flush toilets, sinks and hot showers. They are both equipped with full kitchens and we supply all of the cooking utensils, bedding and towels. Both Cabins have generator supplied electricity for your comfort. Our outpost package includes all of the food for your stay. You just need to bring yourself, your fishing gear and your sprit of adventure.