1. DAILY ROUTINE:  Main Lodge, American Plan

  • Day 1 -  On the first day of your trip you will arrive about 8 a.m., followed by cabin assignment, lunch, orientation, issue licenses, prepare gear and go fishing.  Please note that on the early arrival packages our departing guests have just vacated the cabins—cleaning will take place while you are out fishing.
  • Day 2, 3, 4 or more -
  • - Breakfast: 7-8 am.  Coffee is always on.
  • - Lunch: 12-1 p.m.  Mouthwatering shore lunch by your guide.
  • - Dinner: 6-6:30 p.m.  Daily entrée.
  • - Evening Fishing:  $80 per boat for the evening.  Charge is added to your bill.  If you would like to go out in the evening, you should make arrangements with your guide before you come in.  If he is not interested, we will find someone else to fill in.
  • Last Day  - Pack and set luggage outside of cabin door before breakfast.  Breakfast 6:00-6:30.  Depart lodge about 7:00.

2. FOOD:  Breakfast will be of your choice. Dinner entrees will be served on a rotating basis.

  • Breakfast:  Choose from--
    Cold and Hot cereal                 Orange and Grape Juice, Coffee or Tea
    Eggs and Bacon                       Omelletes and Hashbrowns
    Pancakes and Sausage          French Toast and Sausage
  • Shore Lunch:
    Fish of the day                          Potatoes, Onions
    Homemade Bread                    Other Vegetable
    Peanut Butter and Jam  Coffee or Tea
  • Dinner: Roast Beef, Chicken, Prime Rib, NY Strip Steak, Full Salad Bar, Potatoes, Pasta or Rice, Vegetable, Homemade bread, Dessert, Coffee or Tea. All evening dinners complimented with wine.


  • No Treble Hooks Allowed - One single barbless hook per lure mandatory on all lakes.
  • All Northern must be released, some of eating size (26 inches and under) may be kept for shore lunch.
  • All Walleye must be released, some of eating size (22 inches and under) may be kept for shore lunch.

5.      What should I fish for today?

We recommend you follow your guide’s suggestion since wind direction and time of the year changes fishing patterns.  If you want to concentrate on one species, let your guide know at the beginning of your trip.

6.      Who will my guide be?

Your guide will be assigned at orientation meeting and will be with you for the trip.  If you have requested a certain guide, we have done our best to see that he is available for you.  Please keep in mind sometimes more than one guest has requested the same guide.

8.      What will the weather be like?

We sit between two weather systems—the cold Arctic Hudson Bay and the warm Prairie Plains system.  Because of these systems, we have extreme temperature variations.  For example: In May 1985 it was 80 degrees plus for 6 days, May 1983 it froze the pipes.  On Sep 22, 1987 it was 84 degrees, in 1985 it snowed some every day from Sept 16-26.  August 22, 1985 it was 29 degrees—August 22, 1986 it was 92 degrees!  We recommend bringing layers of clothing with good quality rain gear, warm hat, and gloves and waterproof footwear.  This combination should keep you comfortable through any weather variations.

9.      What lures should I use?

Silsby Lake Lodge provides high end fishing equipment for our fishermen to use while on their stay FREE of charge.  We offer St. Croix rods in spinning and casting for Pike and Walleye.  We also have Shimano reels in spinning and casting to match the rods.  A Shimano tackle bag full of the best baits on the market is also available for our guests to use while on their trip.  For those that would like to bring their own equipment...please refer to the Recommended Equipment page.

10.  GRATUITIES:  Tipping is discretionary, these are only guidelines. 

  • Guides--$50 per guest per day fished. Give to guide at end of your last fishing day.
  • Chef, Waitresses, Cleaning girls--$20 per guest per night stayed. Give to management the morning of your departure.


Three-fourths of the earth’s surface is water…and one-fourth is land. Therefore, it is clear, the good Lord intends that a man should spend three times as much time fishing as he does working!